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-- Detective Office - Assets Pack --

This is a Detective Office assets I wanted to share with you.
You can use it freely as long as you credits me : Aleksand Cazal

-- This pack include 2 Color Shemes --

The fist palette is a pastel mood with sophisticated colors

Detective Office assets

Pastel mood

The second palette is a retro mood with more desaturated colors

Detective Office Assets

Retro mood

-- 11 assets-- 

This pack includes 11 assets

  • Wall
  • Ceiling fan
  • Window
  • Door
  • Locker
  • Boxes (3 variations)
  • Books
  • Shelf
  • Frame
  • Pin board
  • Coat hanger

Detective office illustration

-- Extra content  --

-- Detective Desk --

The fist palette is a pastel mood with sophisticated colors

Pastel mood

The second palette is a retro mood with more desaturated colors

Retro mood

-- 12 assets-- 

This pack includes 12 assets

  • Alcohol
  • Ashtray
  • Carpet
  • Chair
  • Cigar
  • Desk
  • Documents
  • Lamp
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Phone
  • Photography Frame
  • Storage

Desk detective top view

-- About Me --

I'm a French 3D/2D artist from Reunion island.

My Twitter

I'm also part of TORTOR collective.
You'll see my work and other awesome creations of my friends out there !

TORTOR collective page

I would be happy to read your thought about this pack. 
More packs are  coming soon, stay tuned  !

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Detecitive_Office_Pack.blend 222 kB
Detecitive_Office_Pack.fbx 124 kB
Detecitive_Office_Pack.obj 189 kB
Col_Shemes.7z 804 bytes
Detective_Desk.blend 1 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Detective_Desk.fbx 83 kB
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Detective_Desk.obj 124 kB
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Col_Shemes_Extra.7z 2 kB
if you pay $5 USD or more

Development log


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I'd like to see some more of these assets. Inside a house with various themes, country, fancy, etc. Really cool stuff!

Hello! I bought this but the download isn't working. I just get an error and it downloads an empty folder. Am I missing something or is there another download link I can use?

Hello! The download still not work for you ?
I'll contact itch.io to see what is the problem. 

It still doesn't work. It fails instantly whether I use the app or try on the website

I'm waiting for the answer of the itch team.
I'm sorry for that. if you download the free pack it not working either ?

Yeah I get the same result regardless of how I download it. Whether I choose to download it all at once or  download the files separately I just get an empty folder and a notice that the download failed. Also, I appreciate you taking the time to help! I'm looking forward to using the assets once I can download them!

Hello, apparently there is no problem for the downloads.
Here are some things the itch team say you can try:

  • Are you staying connected to the internet the whole time while the file downloads?
  • You should not be using any download manager extensions or programs, they are not compatible with our website
  • Are you using any proxy or VPN services? Try disabling them
  • You might want to try temporarily disabling your virus scanner if you have one, to see if that lets the download through
  • We have a desktop app that supports resumable downloads that you can try: https://itch.io/app

This is so neat